Rehashing Old Leads


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I come across some old health insurance leads 3-4 years old from a agent friend who was going to throw them away. I was woundering if it would be worth my while to contact them? There is over 200 of them.
Sounds like a good opportunity to kill a few hours of down time. I was working for a strip center developer, leasing, a while back, and mined over 400 old leads into three deals, $14,000 worth. They were all more than three years old.
As my old proctologist from Jersey says, "It can't hoit!"


Rehashing old leads gives you practice, and opportunity. For people who are not ready, it's practice for you connecting/reconnecting with them, and reminding them who you are and what you do. For those who are ready, perhaps the first time they were called, they were in a different station in life, and could not commit. It gives you the opportunity to make a sale with someone who is a warm lead, and not a cold one.

It's like free money.
If they are private individual leads, watch the do not call list. The good thing is, these leads probably aren't being resold any more :)

I have a database full of "old" leads. I sell insurance to people I received leads on in the past all the time. I have always recycled my leads. A "lead" is really nothing more than a name, address, phone number and maybe a date of birth as far as I'm concerned.

They are not practice for me, they are sales.
It can't hurt. There's no way it's not worth something to you if you actually go through all 400 of them.
Aged leads work great because they better address the reality of the lead sales cycle. Fewer than 25% of real time leads are sales ready at time they fill out online request and only about 2% of those will be closed by one of the 6 or so firms calling in real time but up to 50% of the leads will eventually be closed. Than means 24 times as many consumers will get their policies in the following weeks or months as get them in real time. And yet the lion's share of effort and money continue to be wasted going after the 2% of the potential universe of 50% of eventual deals to be had. Throwing away leads after a day or two is such a bad practice and causes real time leads to take such a beating in these forums when really this bad agent practice is to blame for a lot of the lack of success agents have with leads whether real time or aged.

Aged leads give you the massive amount of leads you need to get the utmost leverage from marketing technology and at usually a very fair price. Not having paid that huge real time premium for speed on the front end makes you so much more likely to actually turn a profit. If you will just take the time to talk to prospects 5-12 times over the course of a few weeks and show them how much you care about their family's needs you will grow your agency in a hurry on the cheap. Just be the last man standing after all your competitors have given up on the leads.

I actually agree with spam for once!!!
Next wave, you're only 4 years late to this thread - but you have valid points. Only thing is you have 90 days from the request date of an internet lead to call them.

Also, going through your old leads (that you spoke with, but just weren't ready or already purchased) from over a year ago can be a gold mine if they remember you.