Release from Assurant


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I have an appointment with Assurant that I have had about 2 months and have not written a single application. I am the GA and WA and I wish to transfer to an MGA. Since it has not been 180 days and I wish to write Assurant through this MGA, will they go ahead and let me out??
Last year I was contracted with Assurant through John Alden and wished to switch it to a contract through Time and John Petrowski. It turned out no release was necessary as you can be contracted through both channels at the same time.

One of these days I'll actually write some Time business and give John a reason to feel good about this contract:)

You don't think if I make it clear I will NOT write anything with Assurant for the next 4 months if they don't release me and allow me to write with another GA they still won't.