Resident License Texas


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I have recently gotten a place outside of Seattle, WA. I still have an apartment in Texas and don't want to go through a huge hassel with changing licenses. I do not intend to get licensed at all in WA.

My understanding is as long as I have a residence in TX, TDI will allow me to remain a resident agent. I do intend to spend some time in TX, but at this point, I don't know the exact split of time. I may move back ultimately at some point.

Anyone with licensing expertise in TX please let me know exactly what I should do?

It also looked like TX allowed non-residents to get licensed without having a license in good standing in their residence state. TDI's site pretty much just said they would have to take the exam?

Once again.. any feedback is appreciated.
Questions answered.. nevermind. Texas doesn't require you to maintain a resident license. Technically, they can covert me to a non-resident license if I move permanently without having a resident license in another state.