License renewal, NIPR question


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I completed my CE courses yesterday and they have been updated on the state's website as well as NIPR's website. When I try to renew my license I hit Start, check Producer Licensing/Renewal/Resident, and then next and get this message:

"Sorry, no states are available for this selection".

My CE's only updated an hour or so ago, is this just a delay in "the system" and I need to wait a few hours or overnight for things to update or should I start panicking?

On the state's insurance site it shows my license active, expires on 2/29.

Second question, does "expires on 2/29" mean that I have until 11:59 PM on 2/28 to get this sorted or do I get all day on 2/29 if needed?

Thanks for any insights.

(yes, I procrastinate)

Edit: sorry if this is the wrong forum, it just looked like it was the most active so I wanted to post here since this is a bit time sensitive