Rockwood E&O Insurance NONRENEWAL

Many of us have relationships with underwriters, marketing reps, and often different levels of management.

Most of those people have influence over actuarial decisions. Now, when it comes to actuarial decisions in and of themselves, we're all just numbers on the spreadsheet. All of us. It's nothing personal, although many of us take it personally. Lately this market is one big mess, and the actuaries are working with management to try to make the numbers work.

Cool, then they should say that instead of making up bullshit. I respect a hard truth over a convenient lie.
Just say it

Actuaries are jealous of your cape & perfectly manicured hair. When they see the cost you are on the expense ratio to the carrier, they want you to pay

That's not true, and you're just being silly. It's not that actuaries are jealous of my cape and gorgeous hair.

Everyone is.

That's what I like about you Allen. You don't hate me for being gorgeous.
So Warren Buffett saves my life again... after researching all night I bought a policy through I was able to get tripple the coverage (3mil/3mil) for only 9307.12/year. If anyone else needs new e&o I highly recommend. They asked very reasonable application questions that only took 5-10 minutes. Thank you Warren you magical money making machine.

You have probably received the dec page for your e&o, were you confident in the coverages (IE Personal, commercial, surplus and excess)?

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