Secure Horizons Captive Agent


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I'm already familiar with the commission schedule on the ICA side, but does anyone know what a captive agent with Secure Horizons gets paid on MA's and PDP's respectively? Also, are there any trails paid? (I realize it may be different for different parts of the country)
I understand that direct ICA's (Independent Career Agents) who contract directly with Secure Horizons, and not through an FMO get paid around $400 per MA (in Iowa, at least).

What I'm wondering is if there's any captive agents for Secure Horizons (i.e. salaried employee sales representatives) out there who knows what the pay rate is for MA's. There's no way Secure Horizons pays $400 to $500 per MA on top of a guaranteed annual salary.:nah:

Is anyone out there a captive agent for Secure Horizons now??
I do not know any.

I did talk to them about a position with them in Kansas City (they are just now building a sales force here) and they said it is different pay scale pending on the enrollment time. What those numbers were they did not say.

I chose not to pursue it since their plan was not all that for KC.
Salaried agents here in Florida get paid very little in commissions until they hit decent numbers.

We had agents working an SEP and have had nothing but trouble getting paid and our members have had some messed up coverage (no drug coverage).

We have decided to not offer their plans until they get their act together.

I have never had so much trouble in every way with a company.
when I went to one of the SH presentations, they were pretty much laughing at the salaried agents, maybe not in a really bad way, but I think they just don't have very high expectations for them. I believe they said this is the first year in my area that they are having ICAs, they've had FMO-types in the past. I think they expect the ICAs to blow away the salaried agents. With that in mind, they probably don't make much on the commission side (I'd be surprised if it was even $100). Don't forget they're being spoon-fed leads. The ICAs will only get the leftovers.
Well, that's why I'm investigating the captive side of Secure Horizons. I used to be captive for Humana, and really loved the job itself, but I had complete A-holes for management, so I had to get out. I'm delegated with Humana through an FMO now, but they don't provide any leads.

I don't really have an existing book of business, so the leads are really the life-blood of my sales. I know that the captive agency system is typically considered for new guys only, and that they are expected to eventually migrate to the independently contracted side...but I actually like the captive agency system for a lot of reasons: advertising, leads/appointments, seminars, pharmacy kiosks, salary, benefits, mileage, home office, expense account, marketing materials, etc., etc., etc.

I know people like to pooh-pooh captive agents because the commission they receive is so much less than that of an independent agent, but when you look at the total package, it's harder to discount the difference.