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What do you do when an individual asks you to send you mail the details of all the plans?

Here is my strategy based on how I roll ;)

This person is a shopper or I have not gotten to him at a time when he is ready to buy. He may be ready to buy later or when his guard isn't up so I need to get the guard time, but not take away time from serious prospects or my current clients. I want to keep him on board in case he wants to buy, but I am not going to take the time or expenses to send him all the plans......what is the alternative? This approach is more for the client who tries their best to control the situation or suggests how I run my business.

"My Smith, I would be happy to send you all of the information and plan details. There are approximately XXXXX number of plans available in the XXXX market. What would you like to receive?"
"Oh really, wow!!!! Well, I want the best of the best that is the cheapest."
"Understandable." Instead of having me mail out information on all the plans in which it would take you a month to go over every plan at around 5 minutes each, I have a faster way that might interest you." "I will send you some information in an e-mail, which will contain a few links that you can research on your own time and run your own quotes (this e-mail or letter is already ready to go as a template). When you are ready to go forward you can contact me and I can help you narrow things down. How does that sound?

What do you think? It seems to work for me quite well, but I am always open to other ideas.
Sounds a lot like what I do.

Probably just a coincidence . . .

HaHa, I did take some if it from you. Although I sometimes add a Borat "Itsa nice" into the pitch. The worst feeling I don't like is the "what now" feeling. Putting the ball in their court without making me feel like a hound dog chasing a raccoon is not what I'm going for. PLUS... it's a a nice way of saying f-off I'm not a library, but leaving the door open.
I send them to my website, which has an "Apply Online" link to it. I tell them they can go into each company's site, from mine, play around with all the details (deductible, copays, etc.), and even click on the plan name to get a copy of the brochure.

Once they find a plan that tickles their fancy, they can apply online, right then and there. They are in total control of the situation. (This makes them feel good, because your "send me all the details" kind of folks usually are control freaks and know-it-alls)
You will waste so much time on tire kickers and close so few of them that you would be better off not bothering with them at all. If they aren't interested enough to respect my time, I have enough self respect not to waste my time on them. Look for those that are interested in buying now or have a good reason for waiting (ie not "too busy").
It seems that all us have different approaches. I like Bob's idea about sending the person to a website to search for entire glory and I always include links in the e-mail to obtain all the plan details and rates they want. I also like John's idea about sending brochures, although I disagree about sending all of them. Top 3 carriers perhaps.

Depending on how the conversation went I may leave the ball in their court or ask for a specific time/day to follow up.
JR -

Folks can go to my site & see about 200 plans. I tell them if they don't find what they want there, I have another 1600 or so to consider including ones that are not on ANY website.

They can spend literally weeks looking at plans and still not find what they need, or they can take 10 minutes to review with my help.

The choice is theirs.