Lol! I'm so happy that a some of you have had a mor experience with NAPA than I had. I am a newbie, fairly recently certified so my overall experience is limited and unfortunately, believe it or not, my experience with NAPA was extremely unpleasant. Again, yes I am partly at fault. When I filled out the info for an account, I should never have included my payment info until I was ready to purchase. However, I never activated anything. I left everything in a hold status, much as you would leave an online purchase on hold in a shopping cart. I also wanted to say that, a couple hundred dollars may not matter to everyone but when you are a semi-retired senior, what we say is, every little bit helps!

Ok - I'll stop making fun.

But I will make one more point.

Imagine you do something "imperfect" in your new career as an agent. Imagine your new unhappy customer makes multiple threads about how bad your service was.

Just trying to drive home the point that you need to start thinking of this from the other side of the table. If you go haywire over every little problem and bump in the road you'll attract clients who will want to do the same. Except now, you're on the receiving end.
To be clear. We were just shopping on their website and built our own bundle and entered the credit card.
We were considering other pizza options after hitting submit.
The fact that they actually sent someone out - appalling!! un-American!

I once licked a stamp and then decided I didn't need to use it. Do you know they purposely make them so that you can't unlick them? They are out to get me.
I went looking for E&O insurance and I checked out several sites, including NAPA. I was foolish enough to put in information that included a credit card with NAPA. I did this online when they were closed because they were the least expensive so I was sure I would end up with them. I chose another company I liked better. Unbeknownst to me, even though I only got a quote and never spoke directly to anyone, NAPA activated my account. To be clear, I went online, looked up a quote and filled in general info on the webpage but never actually sent it in any information to NAPA.
Over a month ago, I discovered the double coverage and immediately contacted them to request a refund and that's when the nightmare began. NAPA showed their true colors. Each time I spoke to someone, called back requested to speak to them again, they were never available. Each time I spoke to anyone they would give me different information. I was told to return a cancelation form which I did immediately (the form was sent to me several days after the call). I sent in what I thought was proof of insurance and when I called the third and fourth times, I was told that I could expect a refund no later than the twenty-sixth of July 2022. However, when I called today, not only was I told that there was no refund sent because they needed more information, but the policy was still active and would not cancel until August 2022!!
I am currently filing a complaint with the Department of Financial Services, the body which oversees all insurance companies. Everyone beware of this company! If there is ever a problem with your account, you will be treated very shabbily by NAPA. No wonder they are the cheapest! If this is how they perform when it comes to refunding money when there had been no authorization, I can't imagine how they would react when it comes to paying out a claim! I have to say that I am partially to blame. I should never put in my credit card until I was ready to activate and purchase insurance. If this is the way NAPA treats it's customers from the beginning, then I am extremely glad I never signed with them in the first place! LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!
Call NAPA and tell them you'll reverse the credit card charge if they don't refund it. And if they don't, then call your credit card company and have them reverse it. The credit card company should do a reversal. I've done it a couple times.
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I like what you said, WinoBlues, and I guess you're right. By the way, I am 66. Well kids, time for an update. several days ago, when all of this began, I had asked to speak with a manager because I was tired of getting bounced around from person to person. This weekend I finally got that call. A very nice young woman manager said she had pulled all paperwork regarding my situation, and that a full refund will be issued shortly. I wanted to truthfully relay what has happened and to say that perhaps I was a bit hasty in my judgement. Anyhow, onward and upward!
@bharvin, I too have had a less than pleasant experience with Napa, so don't feel alone. Trying to deal with them was not great either and their customer service reps. I had cancelled my E&O but then restarted later in the year and they wanted to charge me a membership fee again (so twice in the same year). I explained I was not seeking a refund for the 1st membership fee already paid and citing why I should not need to pay for it twice in the same calendar year. The agents could not seem to comprehend this and this forwarded to a supervisor who I think took a month to get back with me and could not offer any reasonable explanation as to why I should pay for the membership fee again for rejoining. A whole month to get back with a customer, that's CRAZY! VERY bad and poor customer service experience as a customer. I don't know where their reps come from but nobody had the mental capacity or intelligence to understand what I was asking (not even the supervisor). It's a pretty straightforward request. I already paid a membership fee for the year, why should I need to pay again? The membership fee costs more than 3 months of E&O so obviously its a profitable addon for them.