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E&O for P&C only?

I'm in a pinch and hope someone will be able to help. I write a lot of different lines including life, health, LTC, and P&C. I also work with securities. I have an E&O policy through my broker dealer that covers everything but the P&C. (P&C is a small portion of my business.)

I'm looking for a separate E&O policy that covers just the P&C lines for a reasonable price, but can't find one. There are reasonably priced policies that will cover life/health and P&C. The prices are low enough where this could work, but they won't take brokers who work with securities- even if the securities are covered by another policy.

Any suggestions?
FYI - I'm a P&C commercial only broker, and I have experience with e&o policies.

Generally speaking, you want one policy to cover everything. There are a number of reasons why, and I can get into that if you really want. With that said, the more you are doing, the more risk: the higher the premium.

You can try Hiscox, they tend to be pretty flexible. However, I have found the way they present quotes and hide exclusions make me pretty nervous. Furthermore when I call underwriting, I doesn't leave me confident.

I generally write my E&O with Cochrane or RIC MGA's. Landy on the east coast can be pretty competitive for certain policies. If you are appointed with Cochrane, I have found Elena Ryzhkina to be great. At RIC I work with Michele Epstein.

Feel free to pm me if you want.