So has anyone tried another telemarketer?

I'm not an expert in health sales, but in general, when you have a new product or line, you want to stick with in person presentations, at least for a while. You get to see the person, see how they react, and its an opportunity to learn how things you say get understood by the person who hears them. This is almost impossible to do over the phone, since you can't see their reaction. What they say isn't necessarily what their body is thinking.


I'm not an expert in Health sales yet either... but I expanded my territory for my telemarketers because I am in SC. Population not so dense here as in other parts of the country and I was not getting the number of leads I need to set myself up for success.

I have been doing life and annuity sales for some time now and consider myself somewhat of an expert in this field, and I have seen every one of my life and annuity clients in person.

Thank you for your 2 cents Dan, but its not a lack of knowledge or being lazy in any way, its just that it will be a cold day in hell before I travel 4-6 hour round trip for a health deal. I guess I am lucky, I dont need the money that bad.

And that's the beauty of phone sales. I'm not driving 4 hours round trip either. I have no problem sitting down with local familes. Single and clients far away are getting signed up over the phone.
4-6 hours? Lets see, on a bad commute day, that's about 20 miles from my office :) Living in a small town of 300,000 can be a real commute hassle, especially when that small town is simply a suburb in beautiful silicon valley.

Since I have a slightly different approach, cross selling is very important to me. I try to be your complete personal insurance person, home, auto, health, business, etc. This makes sitting down and building a relationship very important to me. That said, I'm learning to do a LOT more prescreening / preselling via phone upfront, so my time out of the office is more productive.

Also, having an office, a LOT of clients come to me. I write a lot more business in my office with my clients here, than I do either at their home, or over the phone. I'm amazed at this statement, but it is very true. People like the fact they know I'm a real business, with an office, and they can come to me. This is not why I got the office, but it's an interesting byproduct of having the office.

My primary line is P&C, people want to be able to stop by and make a payment, which is fine by me, I keep those clients. I have the office so I could have a staff person here to take the payments. Turns out, I write a lot of business because of it. Of course, this doesn't work for everyone, and it depends on your location.

Of course, none of this is related to the thread of telemarketing. I've hired telemarketers, in house, and via contract. I've never had much success with it. I do pretty well when I do it myself, though not great, since I'm lousy on the phone, but come across sincere in my belief in my product. I do believe that with the right telemarketer, you can do VERY well. With the wrong one, you'll do poorly.

I'm going to give contracted telemarketing another go. If you eliminate all of the lead sources that don't work, you end up with no leads at all. In the end, as John says, it's a numbers game. If you dial the phone enough times, you'll get some deals.

4-6 hours? Lets see, on a bad commute day, that's about 20 miles from my office :) Living in a small town of 300,000 can be a real commute hassle, especially when that small town is simply a suburb in beautiful silicon valley.

It takes you 4-6 hours to go 20 miles? I'm originally from Jersey and in the worst of times, it wont take me 4-6 hours to go from Ft Lee through NYC to Conn. Wow, the Silicon Valley must really be beautiful to put up with that kind of traffic. No wonder you need an office... good move.

But, I agree with the rest of the stuff you posted.

So, I'm wondering if any of you have tried or know any useful info on T.J. Telemarketing?

I know that they advertise in the Sales Journal and quite a few other industry specific newsletters for quite some time now, so they're not a run by night operation.

Here's their contact info:

T.J Telemarketing

[email protected]
547 West Centennial Blvd.,
Springfield, OR 97477

Toll Free Voice Line:
Fax: 541-746-0259

The price that they charge isn't out of this world too much.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys and Dolls!

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