STM plans getting whacked again


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This will hurt more people then it will help. I have many clients, that will now go uninsured. Especially the young ones who arent eligible for aca tax credits. You can't force people to pay for expensive high deductible HMO obamacare crap. Better yet, reinstate the penalty, but don't take away our non aca options.

3 months max stm term, no rewrites? Game over. That is....2 to 3 yrs from now.

Gonna be a fire sale in STM plans for 2 to 3 yr rewrites in next few months.

Just wrote a guy yesterday, no insurance, no SEP, wrote him 6 month policy to get him to aca OEP jan 1st. What's your solution Joey B if he gets sick in month 2 or 3 under your new rules?

im getting tired of all the govt over regulations in this business.

indemnity plans getting hit too.

and Care credit cards have been great to use over my years, but Joey thinks we are too dumb to make our own decisions.

But don't attack those ministry, non regulated insurance plans.

and these so called "junk" plans have paid out a plenty in claims to my clients when it's a valid claim.

rant done
Protecting Consumers from Junk Plans

Today, HHS and the Departments of Labor and the Treasury issued proposed rules to empower and protect consumers through changes aimed at distinguishing short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) and fixed indemnity insurance (plans that pay a pre- determined fixed amount for a health-related event, regardless of expenses incurred) from comprehensive coverage. STLDI and fixed indemnity insurance sometimes include benefit limitations, and are sold by employing dubious marketing practices, that render such coverage as nothing more than junk. These types of plans are not subject to many of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) critical consumer protections, which consumers might not

realize when purchasing them. As a result, individuals may unknowingly end up in plans that do not cover essential benefits like prescription drugs, exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, or impose annual or lifetime dollar limits on services. Such non-comprehensive coverage can be particularly harmful to low-income individuals and individuals with significant health care needs, as they would face the greatest health and financial consequences from inadequate insurance coverage. The proposed rule, among other policies, would amend the federal definition of STLDI

to ensure these “short-term” plans are truly short-term and used to fill temporary gaps in comprehensive coverage. It would also require STLDI and fixed indemnity excepted benefits coverage to make clearer to consumers the differences between these products and comprehensive coverage, including what is covered and how much is covered.

Improving Transparency and Protections from Unexpected Out-of-Pocket Costs

The Departments also released a frequently asked questions (FAQs) document further clarifying surprise billing and out-of-pocket cost protections for consumers under the No Surprises Act and the ACA, helping to ensure that consumers receive the appropriate protections under these laws. The FAQs also reiterate requirements for plans and issuers to make price information available to consumers, including information on facility fees.

Relatedly, HHS, through ASPE issued the first in a series of reports to Congress on the impact of the No Surprises Act, The report establishes a framework for evaluation of the law’s impact on surprise billing, health care costs, and consolidation that will be used in future reports evaluating the impact of the law.

HHS has joined the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Department of the Treasury in issuing a Request for Information (RFI) seeking public comment on the prevalence, nature, and impact of medical credit cards and other medical payment products on consumers and on the health care system. The agencies also seek comment on policy options to address practices by financial companies and health care providers offering these products that result in consumers paying excess costs and that drive up medical debt. This is the first-ever collaboration among the three agencies on the needs of health care consumers.

A new White House fact sheet on actions to lower health care costs and protect consumers is available at

The proposed rule on short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) is available at

and fact sheet is available

To read the No Surprises Act FAQs visit:
While I am not a fan of STM, what dementia Joe is proposing will be a shit show. Glad I left the U65 market in 2010 and never looked back

STM has its place in the market, and Joe is taking that away. He would rather they be uninsured and that will be the result 50% of the time. 5% of my book is STM, and for valid reasons.
Not being argumentative, but are STM sales covered by E&O? I have never had to test it but came dangerously close several years ago and really don't need a repeat performance.
Congress would have to approve this bull shit wouldn't they?

And Joe isn't proposing anything. I hope I find out who has been running the show before he's gone. I'm pretty damn sure it's not his senile old ass.
Not being argumentative, but are STM sales covered by E&O? I have never had to test it but came dangerously close several years ago and really don't need a repeat performance.

Actually, my E&O is through Allstate/nat gen STM for 20 yrs. Continental is the insurer. STM is a tiny market if done correctly. Bad apples ruin it for the rest.
Biden says "These are meant to be short term" for between jobs.

Oh yah, what if guy loses job' buys 3 mo stm because new job starts in 3 months with group coverage. Car accident in month 3, can't work, paralyzed, no aca sep. I'm sure Biden will come to his rescue.

What about those that despise obamacare, or under 100% in non medicaid state, want a PPO because they have 2 homes in different states or a kid in an out of state college. Bye bye.....Biden knows what's best for you.

I Had a good friend on STM PPO and got bad cancer. The STM PPO extended his life with access to the best Miami hospital. Lived for another 4 yrs. Was forced to buy ACA PPO for $2000 a month or triple the cost once STM expired to keep his hosp and doctors. Thank God Florida has aca PPO with FL blue, not the case in most states. If he were on an ACA HMO, he would have died quickly with poor choice of care and the particular specialty cancer Miami hospital not in any aca HMO.

This new rule on STM is just wrong and calling it junk is absurd. PPO networks save lives, HMO's kill. A PPO saved me.