Success with E-mail marketing


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I'd be interested in any advice/experiences with email marketing.

Anyone have suggestions on types of communications that have worked well for you & any other gems you'd be willing to share?

I'd appreciate it.
No, not spam

I have a list of existing customers that I would like to contact with a newsletter or something. All of them don't know the variety of products I do carry, so I would like to have a vehicle to relay that information without being intrusive.

If I do a newsletter, I realize I'll need to find content on subjects that matter.

I also have prospects that I've dealt with who either no longer buy health from me (due to getting a job, etc) who may also want information.

Newletters seem a bit like too much information, so I was hoping for some innovative, easy communications ideas.
You are too funny!! Maybe you should be a comic!

I thought that was great! I'm going to send it along to an Aflac associate I know. Wonder what her reaction will be . . . probably will think it's funny - she does have a good sense of humor. . . .

Right now my list of people I actively communicate with is only about 300, but the hope is that I'd have many more than that. I also would be breaking people into appropriate groupings depending on what types of insurance we've discussed, etc.