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Hey ya'll

Just wanted to let you know there is a plan out there besides GTL for a supp plan for your ma plan

Continental Care ---- from the looks of it -- its a bit better than GTL --

GTL's plan has a lifetime benefit maximum of $2500.00 - compared to Continental -- there is no max -- its unlimited
for the first day of hospital stay they get $1000.--- for a 65 yr old its about 24 dollars a month.. then theres a rider you can get with it for an extra $10 or so -- to get an extra 100 a day per hospital stay

so its a great add on to the pffs policies that are a zero premium...

I have a copy of the contract on email if you want one...
i am going through a company where you get 12 months advance and it pays 50%

so basically for the pffs -- commission wise its $330 with advantra freedom with coventry and about $200 with this addon.. then add a final expense -- another 250... so basically husband and wife signup would be about $1600 commission -- not bad for one appointment --

this company i work with provides free leads -- i also have another one that will make the appointments for you as long as you sell one of their products...

if anyone is interested i can pass on the info

its working for me :)

My goal for the new year ------ make $5000 a day --- 6 appointments a day So far I'm on goal :)~~~~~~

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RE: Continental Care

Just read Mary's post on Continental Care. Which company is featuring that plan with unltd benefits?

Would that be Continental General Life? They have been around in senior mkt for a long time.
Continental Life in Brentwood TN. Talk to Georgia Fletcher in Marketing, 800.445.4254 Ext 393, is a really nice lady and she can fill you in on all the detailes. Tell her Frank sent you. :)

She has been extremely helpful for me and she gets bonus points for the agents she signs up. We all like to work from referrals, even people who work for insurance companies.
Thanks for the replies. I have been with Cont Life about 5 yrs sick, didn't produce, and they terminated my contract plus levied such a high service fee against the renewals that i didn't get any. Kinda left me leery of them, if you know what i mean.

However, now that they are no longer private, but part of Genworth, I did call up because that is a good plan. Talked with Georgia (thanks Frank, mentioned your name) who is very personable. Turns out she lived in my town once upon a time.

BTW...they will terminate if you don't produce consistently.
yes that is right

if you go with MSIS they have a 50% contract with the continental care product -- if you go direct with continental it is 45%
and of course you get the leads for it......

is anyone going to tell me to shut up yet ???

i will keep going on and on about them -- tell them mary from wyoming referred you to MSIS -- i think they get tired of me -- at least jonathan does.. it seems like i call him more than i do my husband !!!
if you need a contract i will email it to you -- get on the boat :)

Hey Phsthib how are sales with the care product?
i was thinking and came up with some ideas -- i know this isnt aflac but -- i think businesses would benefit from this for their employees -- but the drawback is -- they have to be 30 or older -- but if the business doesnt offer insurance -- this might worth a glance -- its better than nothing right?
im going to think of a marketing scenerio this weekend for the businesses with my husband and will try it out monday afternoon -- will let you know --
and hey if anyone else has offered this to businesses please post and let know...

I have called again this am to MSIS. am still waiting for someone to get back. Do they always take so long?

Glad you told me about a higher contract thru them than indy with Cont.

Funny how that works. They always have better contracts somewhere.

I don't think this product would have appeal to younger ages because I would use a critical illness policy instead. This is too ltd.
Hey Doc

who do you use for the critical illness? I am with several companies that offer it -- but i have yet to sell one.. or market it.. how are you doing it?
is this with the job market or with individuals..

obviously i know the difference between the care product and critical illness -- but with the care product -- as long as you are in the hospital 24 hours they pay out 1000.. how do these critical care policies pay?

and to be stupid again and ask the question --- if a person mother has cancer or has someone in the family that has died or had it -- could you still get the policy?

teach me please :)

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