TCPA Issues for Our Inbound Call Center


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How do you handle TCPA compliance for your inbound call centers?
We have a few inbound centers in FE, ACA, and Medicare and we outsource our inbounds/transfers from various publishers around the world until our owned and operated sites can scale.
The problem is that even when we scrub blacklist alliance, we have a litigator sneak through once in a while. When you 10k calls per day, it’s bound to happen.
Last month, one of our in-house call centers and an overflow partner got nabbed by a litigator. We took care of it for them but it was very costly.
What do you do to mitigate TCPA compliance issues? Do you cut a deal with your publisher partners to indemnify you?
You gotta have all preventive measures in place. DNC scrubbing is just one of them. You will also need proof of consent and digital ad fraud detection (human, bot, farm) in place.