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Crabcake Johnny

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Simple question: To leave or not leave a message. Anyone with a lot of telemarketing experience? It it worth to 15 or so seconds it takes to leave a message or is it simply more effective to move onto the next call?
I never leave a message on the first or second try, because I want to call back without them feeling harassed. However, I will usually leave them a message on the third try, and I have had a few callbacks. I would guess that 1 out of 300-400 will call me back. Since the message that I leave is very explicit and clear about what I do, the ones who call are excellent leads.
If one out of 3-400 call you back, think how much time you've wasted leaving messages when you could have been talking to people. Not very productive. I'm not a fan of leaving a message, but if you do it has to be unconventional, piquing their curiosity.
That's basically my question; is it worth it? If one of of 300 return the call and it takes me 15 seconds to leave a message that's 75 minutes of leaving messages for one lead. If I just kept calling for 75 minutes I would get 3 more leads just by reaching people. In order to make up for leaving message that means I'd have to spend an extra 75 minutes per day on the phone.
From a strictly economical view, you are absolutely right. My message is not the best use of my time. However, there are tangental benefits that also count for something. Firstly, it feels great to have someone call out of the blue, and buy insurance. Anyone who gets good referals knows that. also, it puts your name out there. When you get your name out there enough, eventually it will bring some benefits. Also, I feel like I get closure when I leave a message. I try 3 times, if I don't get through, I leave my message and get closure. I know not to call again for a few months and it is easier to keep track of.
True. It feels a bit unprofessional not to leave a message and from time to time I'll get someone who will see my caller ID and call me back - and they're not too enchanted.
When I see a number on my caller ID and no message, then I feel that the call was not important and I should not worry about it.

I do not think that is the message that you want to give to your potential clients. I always leave messages, but then again, the senior market is much better about calling back.

My wife works with recruiters for a fianacial planning firm and they had a professional speaker come in to talk about voice mail messages. From what I got of it second hand (I was not there) that you should have several different messages depending on what # call it is. First VM should be inviting and make them want to call you back. The second to follow up the first and the third to let them know that you are available to help them but you will follow up at a much later date. He said if you leave a 4th message you become a pest. Give it some time (month or two) before you try them back to see if you can help them.

Hope that helps!
I havent left messages in the past, but after reconsidering and reading this thread I will start doing so. I think the key will be peeking their curiosity.