The Beat Goes On!!!

I say Medicare for all. That way I can sell supps and/or MA plans to everyone, not just seniors.

If that happens then CMS will take it over and everything possible will be done to insure that agents hands and feet are tied so tight that it will be impossible to talk to anyone about it.

Just like they are doing with the PFFS plans now. If, or when they do reopen the purchase of PFFS plans, notice I did not say "let us begin selling them again", I would almost be willing to bet that the restrictions on agents being able to contact prospects will be even more stringent.

Our "wonderful" government obviously HATES insurance agents and are trying to do everything possible to make sure that we cease to exist.

If the government takes over all health care we are doomed and no one will be able to get decent health care. We will all be selling tupperwear door to door.
I was just kidding on that one.

I will have to disagree though. I think that a supp of some type would still be available. But, I do not see Medicare for all anyway.

However, I am brushing up on my life insurance and LTC knowledge just in case!
I may have gotten a little carried away. LOL

Also, don't discount selling pet insurance.

I know a vet who claims he does very well selling insurance to people for their pets. Seniors love their little "pookie wookie". :D
Do you have to be licensed (in CA) to sell PI?


I live in Missouri, can't help you. However, I don't think it requires an insurance license to sell, it's available from most vets and I doubt they are licensed agents.

All kidding aside, I have thought of looking into it. Most of my clients have a little "pookie wookie" and judging how spoiled their dog is, they may be more inclined to purchase insurance for their pet before they would purchase it for themselves.