the best way to get leads?


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hi, i'm about to start working with american general, which is owned by aig. i've seen people say mostly good things about AGLA, and i feel pretty confident that it's a decent company. i'm very personal when talking with customers and am pretty good at selling... my only question is...

what is the best way to make contacts with potential buyers?

i've seen many people say that cold calling is best. do you just use the white pages online, or something? AGLA wants you to pitch to all your family and friends, but i don't like the idea of that. i don't mix friends and business, and i was upfront with them about this.

what about advertising on my own? buying those election style signs, or even a highway billboard?

so yes, tell me... what is the best way to make contacts with potential buyers?

thank you!
You're selling life insurance? I've read these boards long enough to know that the main answer you're going to get is that nobody wants life insurance and so you should first sell health insurance through cold approaches (phone or in person) with business owners and then cross sell life insurance.

This is not the approach your manager wants you to take, however. He will be directing you towards a referral system.
AG should have a lot of in-force policies. As for 50 of those each week. Call, introduce yourself and ask to review their policies.

That would be nice to get those if it were possible. I assume there would have to be something special going on for that to be allowed (e.g. current agent died and policy is in danger of lapsing).
AG has been around a long time . . . even before Woody Woodson. And yes, they should have quite a few orphans that need servicing.

Never hurts to ask your manager.

Selling F&F is tough. You can probably do better going door to door (B2B) asking to review their life policy that trying to sell F&F.
Usually, there are a lot of unassigned" or "orphan" accounts available. It may be playing politics to get them, but hopefully you'll get a few thrown your way.

I work for AGLA. I've been there about 8 weeks now. I've been given a couple of orphans, but they aren't easy to come by. You really have to prove yourself first. They won't give it to you unless they see you working.

Where are you?

You need to get familiar with how all of the policies work, but I like to enter with worksite. I got a list of business owners from choicepoint for fairly cheap, I cold call (though not as cold b/c I ask for them directly) and explain that I'm local and was just getting intouch with some of the small business leaders in the community to see if they had a voluntary benefits plan in place for the employees. If they are too small, I will ask if they have the opportunity to get the same level of coverage that they could get if they were working for a large corporation. From there, I move on in.

If I meet on voluntary benefits, I make an effort to show the DVD to the owner or payroll administrator.

The biggest thing that I can tell you is that validation deadlines come up QUICKLY. Don't waste a second!

Also, please don't use anything they give you as a crutch. Ever! It will kill you in a heartbeat. I make it a point to have 10 appointments on my schedule at all times. I ran two appointment today, and I called and called until I set two more appointments.

One other important thing I suggest is having a fall back position. If they can't afford say our QoL, already have term rates noted and pitch that.
somarco was referring to the first poster in the thread who does not want to sell to "family and friends"
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There are a lot of great places to get leads such as...

-Hospital Emergency Rooms
-Funeral Homes
-Drug rehab centers

OK just joking...

These outfits you are "partnered" with are supposed to have this long figured out by now. If they are not coughing up money on leads or have some marketing plan - find someone who does.

All of these outfits that say "you can make $100k" come on board and sell our uncompetitive products with no marketing plans crack me up.

If they are not going to provide a "system" or leads then why are you with them?

The person who suggested selling a COMMODITY like HEALTH to get in for the LIFE is smart - good suggestion.