The end of the lead generation companies?

Agencies should benefit from this. Most small businesses can pivot from being a "lead agency" to an agency if they want. It might hurt some of the bigger providers but maybe they pivot as well who knows.

You can hire an agency to run your facebook ads for $500 a month plus ad spend, if you want fb leads. You can get a website for $500 and seo for $500 a month. Who it should kill is the guys selling leads from overseas. They have no skin in the game.
Hope you're not referring to me self promoting - I'm also a licensed agent, just spent a few years working in the lead space so gained some insight into this topic. Most of the sketchy lead gen companies are running for the hills at this point, and the legit ones have been investing in workarounds for months now.
Heh, not at all. I wrote that after reading the 5-page thread with about half of the posts being forced injection and response to a self-promoting alternative to making things EASIER.

A service that really isn't any different than most exclusive lead sources who happen to be mostly unaffected by the TCPA changes.

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