The future of MA plans

If we have a Dem Cngress and White House in the future......and I think that is what is going to happen......what do you think about the future of Medicare Advantage Plans? Doesn't seem like something the Dems really support. Overpayments and such.

Also, what are your overall feelings on the future of the health insurance industry. Will it be a Private/Government future or is Single Payer or Medicare for All a reality. I think the latter isn't feasible and would eventually destroy our economy. Plus I don't see the AMA getting behind a system that will eventually shaft Doctor pay and the profitablity of hospitals. Lets face it folks......Doctors and Hospitals are the in the business to save lives and make money.....a Government run healthcare system would eventually take money of the table for those types. As well as, cost thousands of people jobs in the Health insurance industry.

I know I am rambling but, I am new to the business and I am starting to make a little money and I want to get a pulse on what my future holds. I know I will eventually have to get into more than MA plans but, the money is good now.


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