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I have a new agent coming on under me later this week. I have never trained another sales person before so I'm a little nervous. He has 3 years of phone sales experience, but is newly licensed. I've known him my whole life (he is my cousin) so I know that he can do the job. My biggest concern is that everyones sales style is different. Mine works for me but probably won't work for him. Any advice on training or experiences you have had would be appreciated. Thanks
It is very difficult to "train" someone to sell. When I hired agents the training consisted of educating them by giving them product knowledge. I wanted them to know more about Medicare and Med Supps than Medicare knows. (not that difficult. lol)

Once they had the information down pat I would help them build a presentation around their personality and then we did a little role playing to get them comfortable with their approach.

I spent several days in the office with each of them.

Nothing is better for answering questions and objections than knowing the facts.