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Travelers Auto Insurance in Florida

Man I wish we wrote more preferred. Lower premiums but they pay in full and generally don't bother you.
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Apparently they are planning on changing their new business rating model to Quantum 2.0. It is supposed to make them more competitive with the average tier clients instead of just the ultra preferred only. They have introduced the product in other States and agency production has increased substantially
They did reduce commission to 12% on the new program but the rates have been great. I have been able to write most of what I have quoted with the new program.
Travelers Insurance has reduced homeowners commissions and now auto commissions. They pay 10% on young drivers and 12% on adults. If you subscribe to service center its another 1 or 2% cut in commissions... so they hope you will write a Million or two at 9% net... Safeco and other carriers are going to profit and grow from this recent move by Travelers CEO Jay Fishman to cut agents.
I wasn't aware of a Travelers home product in Florida. I know of First Floridian but I'm not sure they're writing policies anymore.
At least Travelers lets you write them in your part of Fl. Here on the West coast in Hillsborough Co. it's almost useless to even try to quote them due to all the Underwriting guidelines