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Let me just say that you guys rock! A lot of great advice. Thanks
I heard someone talking about uandIwin? Any good news about them?Probably not huh?
The MLM concept applied to insurance. Not new. Primerica and WFG. Doesn't work. Scatch that. Doesn't work unless you're at the very top.

What (who) is WFG?

Could someone please post the initials and names of the leading carriers that you all always refer to on the forum? UA, MEGA, F&G, etc. Only ones I know are BC and BS for Blue Cross and Shield (two seperate companies in CA.) We also have KP (Kaiser Permenente).

This is true in most but not all cases: Beware of companies offering health insurance products where the rates and plans are not posted online.

Aetna, Celtic, Blue Cross, Kaiser, Assurant, Golden Rule, Unicare, etc...all have sites for plan details and rates. Mega Life and United American don't. See a pattern?