United Commercial Travelers of America for medsup


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Have you guys heard about this company??

i just signed up thru Medicare Supplement Insurance Services, Inc
the ones i signed up with Continental Care ---
did you know their prices on medsups are dirt cheap??
example -- a female in wyoming -- her rate at 65 is $79.60 for a male it is $91.60 -- sure beats physicians mutual at 141.50 for either female or male... --- for a 99 year old with this company is only 141.13 for a female and 162.26 for a male...
i just thought i would share... -- i had been selling mutual of omaha and physicians mutual -- can't beat the rates..
also the commissions are advanced 12 months -- at 20%

plus again

MSIS -- gives free leads --- they are fresh -- you get them daily -- called the night before.. cant get better than that.