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Did anyone sign up for the United Producers Club (UHC/GR) and the free website, quote engine, leads, etc?

How is it working (or not)?
I signed up for it. I figured $100 in the grand scheme of things isn't that big a deal. (I've wasted way more on other stupid marketing ideas) You have to sell 12 policies in a year. Every quarter if you are not on pace they will send you a friendly reminder letter. Two consecutive quarters of not hitting the 4 policies a quarter and they drop you from the program. I already had Norvax, so I got them to give me the auto responder for a year and $100 worth of their Prospect Zone leads (I know, I read the board, they are crap, but they were free). So I don't really see the downside. I get the auto responder for free as long as I'm selling a few GR policies here and there. Worst case scenario I'm out $100. I set it up yesterday, had a free Prospect Zone lead come in, my first email was sent off before I even knew the lead was in my inbox , the person opened it and actually went to the quote engine. I'll keep the board posted on my experience with the quality of the leads. One other thing I forgot to mention. I had all my other carriers on Norvax already and they didn't have a problem with it. So you don't have to push the GR plans. I don't know if that would be the case with someone just setting up Norvax or not.
The deal is, you get a GR quote engine for free (if you don't already have Norvax). If you wanted other carriers you have to pay for it.

The standard autoresponder offer (as part of UPC) limits you to one response as soon as the PZ lead comes in. No follow ups. If you want follow up emails you have to pay for it.

As you said, what's $100 in the big scheme of things?

I signed up for the UPC bonus but refused the Norvax offer. I had enough problems with Norvax for the time I was there and saw no reason to continue the abuse.
When I went to set it up 5 responses were included. I set them up for immediate, 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month. So those free prospect zone leads are gonna get hammered!!! I agree Norvax has a ton of holes, but its really the best option in MI right now. Quote It doesn't offer a lot of carriers yet. I talked to the rep and he said they would be adding them. I told him to give me a call when they did. Anyhow, when Norvax is working (I stress, when it is working) those pdf's you can put together look pretty snappy! A lot better than my excel spreadsheet. So I take the approach where I pick and choose when to use Norvax. For certain situations it comes in handy.
Norvax has pluses. I just got tired of the run around. Never did like their format. Quotit is much more user friendly.

If you got leadminer with 5 responses then good. Go for it. I looked at leadminer when I had Norvax but decided to pass. (Quotit has a similar offering but have not picked it up either).

To really get your money out of leadminer you need to run 400+ new leads a month through your system. At least, that was the way I figured it.

If you are high tech, low touch then you can make almost anything work. That approach runs your acquisition cost way up. Talked to a guy last week who does buy 400+ leads, calls them once and lets his quote engine do the rest. His acquisition cost is $225.

Mine is closer to $80.

That's why I get a 5:1 (or better) return on my money while he gets about 2:1.

If you are running 400+ leads a month you don't have time to really work the leads. Just quote & run.

At $5 per lead (which you can get from some vendors on volume) that is $2000 per month. If you are lucky you might convert enough to generate $4k in commissions.

That's a lousy return in my mind.
That's half the story. The other half is placement and persistency. If he talks to 400 leads once, and just points them to Norvax I'd imagine he places a fraction of the people who apply.