How are Agents getting Medicare clients.

I built a Medicare oriented agency over last 6 years or so. Prior market was employee benefits so worked into it gradually as my own client base aged-in. I eventually sold off my group business in chunks to two other agents to go "all in" with Medicare. Best decision I ever made...wished I'd done it sooner.

With a good referral base, you don't need to buy leads or cold call. I get regular referrals from several group guys, several CPAs and financial planners and a couple of local attorneys, most now also clients. I get as many or even more referrals from my client base. The key is getting in front of the client well before anyone else does. And I run a through "in-take" interview right off the bat when they make contact. Get the client to tell you what they have, what they want and a timeline for when they need or want to make the jump to Medicare. Then assure them you can make the whole thing easy for them.

You want to position yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable resource. These professionals know very little about Medicare and appreciate the help. Btw, I don't pay anybody for referrals.....I DO take them out for a round of golf and lunch and refer my Medicare clients to them when I can.

You must be totally up-to-speed on the ins and outs of how and when to apply for Medicare, who can "safely" delay enrollment in Medicare, what people can expect to pay (including IRMAA) and otherwise help them see through all the "noise" and misinformation. Get them to confide and rely on you at the start and you become "their guy," not some salesperson.

One last thought: Perhaps you can find someone with a "mature" Medicare business looking to ease out of it into retirement. They may be willing to help you polish your act and start sending referrals your way. If that works out, maybe you eventually take over their existing book and pay out some revenue for a few years until it's yours.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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