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The Minimum Face Amount is going from $100,000 to $250,000.

Now, you might think that this is NOT Great News and that is what I initially thought as well. HOWEVER, after really looking at it I have discovered that this is PERFECT for what US Financial does; offer YOUR clients with controllable health conditions Life Insurance at affordable prices.

This is what I found.

1. $250,000 of RightTerm at SuperStandard is more competitive than the most competitive carriers Table 4 rates for $150,000.
2. Clients wanting to buy Less than $250,000 AND have a condition that is table rated can now get MORE coverage in the majority of cases, for less dollars.

EXAMPLE: I compared all the major term carriers at Table 4 vs. USFinancial at SuperStandard.

Note: West Coast had the Lowest Cost Table 4 Premiums.

Male Age 45 $150,000 Coverage WCL vs. $250,000 US Financial

Non Smoker

10 Yr. Term $ 42.26 vs. $ 45.15

15 Yr. Term $ 60.91 vs. $ 56.52

20 Yr. Term $ 75.08 vs. $ 69.87

30 Yr. Term $125.74 vs. $113.48

Male Age 55

Non Smoker

10 Yr. Term $100.80 vs. $ 93.01

15 Yr. Term $141.23 vs. $128.16

20 Yr. Term $187.16 vs. $166.21

Female Age 60

Non Smoker

10 Yr. Term $100.54 vs. $110.14

15 Yr. Term $168.00 vs. $151.97

20 Yr. Term $205.01 vs. $203.37

So as you can see US Financial is still the place to put your clients with controllable health conditions. Simply explain to your client that they get more for less.