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Use of a telemarketing agency for group insurance

Does any one have exprience with hiring a telemarketing service? I have been approached by a service to spend $52.00 per hour on them. They call and find the lead, then I call back and set up the appointment.

Sounds to simple to just write a check and start running appointments.
I agree....better for to hire an upbeat individual (and thus direct) and set the tone for how the calls will be made, who they'll be made to, and what will be said. Yes, it takes more time on your part, but you'll have more control over the quality of the leads.

better that they left than stayed on--costing you money and zero results. Still think you're better off doing it in-house rather than outsourcing.
For $52 an hour they ought to set the appointment, send an agent out to get a signed app, and deliver to you for your signature and agent number.:D
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I assume you do not house your telemarketers. Would you mind expanding on what you expect of your telemarketers, how you train them and what type of guidelines do you set for them or expect from them. Also what do you pay per hour and do you pay bonuses based on your sales?
*$10/hr 1 lead per hour mandator

*$15/hr once 2 leads per hour are generated.

*No leads from secretaries - must speak to the owners. No leads from owners who have employees on group.