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USPC leads


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A few months ago I signed up for the USPC (United Select Producers Club) with Golden Rule. Didn't pay anything. I got a free pass due to production.

Passed on the Norvax quote engine. Didn't need it. Didn't want it even for free.

Today I started getting my "free" leads. 19 in all today. Guess how many currently have health insurance.
I bought over 400 leads TODAY alone I can tell you all about crappy leads. I am the king of crappy leads - I burn leads like they are going out of style. It is my specialty :-)

I am not sure why the pass on the quoting engine for free - but this is your choice, I find it to be a great internal tool / emailing tool and most of all time saver, particularly with health issues and qualification issues you can instantly be staring at other carriers rates / plans.

I can't believe out of 19 leads you would reach more than 2 or 3 by phone.
Actually . . . 3 have insurance.

Two have already emailed asking me to call them tomorrow.

Guess we will see how serious they are.

If I sell just one, what is my ROI?

No, I am not holding my breath.
Usually the ones who email me or call in have been told they are uninsurable from all other agents ... lol...

Hey remember they were "free" any sale and you are way ahead of the game.

If you want just email them to me, I'll call them for you and let you know if they are interested or not :-)
In fairness to USPC leads, I have received about 25 leads so far. One sale + 3 referrals from that sale.

Cost to me $0.

Commission, $1200

Nice ROI