Vaccine Rushed to Market


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As the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the world two years ago, one of India’s leading biotech companies was racing to develop a vaccine with crucial backing from the Indian government. The shot engineered by Bharat Biotech was, in part, an important effort to create a home-grown product that could bolster the fortunes of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

However, a STAT review of documents detailing the steps taken toward government approval found that regulators endorsed the vaccine, called Covaxin, despite discrepancies in the number of clinical trial participants. Moreover, questionable changes were made to the trial protocols — which are established procedures for testing a vaccine or medicine — to expedite the approval process.

[EXTERNAL LINK] - 'A very worrying scenario': Internal documents on India Covid-19 vaccine raise troubling questions about approval process

Any parallels to Operation Warp Speed?
In the USA we had Trump fast-tracking our vaccines.
That gave all Americans, the extra confidence that it was done properly.
I’m shocked that the Trump vaccines were accepted as well as they were.
The vaccines for Covid were in production before the Covid breakout. The virus potential had been studied and was understood, mRNA was developed and was awaiting approval