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We Have A Yahoo! Group

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have taken it upon myself to create a Yahoo! group for us to use. This is where we can store all our forms to share with one another. It's also a great place to mark your calendar for upcoming seminars that you feel others might benefit from. As well as a place to keep all those valuable links. This way, if I want to go to a site that I saw on one of the threads, rather than trying to remember which thread it was from, I can go to the "Links" and look it up there.

All you need to do is create a Yahoo! account for yourself, if you don't already have one, then Join A Group:

The Group Name: Insurance_superstars
The Group Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/insurance_superstars
The Group E-mail address: [email protected]

I have already created a Census Information folder, which includes both the long and short census form, as well as the personal data sheet needed to obtain a health quote.

When you join, and go to the Group Home Page, please go to the Database, and add yourself to the database. This will help out, for those times that we may need to call one another, on the phone. For example, I 've got a referral for Somarco, but I don't have his phone number. All I would need to do is look at the Database, get the number, and call him.

(Somarco, I really DO have a lead for you)

Take advantage of this, guys and gals.
Thanks Bob, this will be a great resource. Incidentally, there is a modification to this forum software that allows users to post attachments. I am trying to figure it out. If I get it up soon, we can attach the census and any other documents to any thread.
I am also working on a spell check and a few other modifications.
Hey thanks Bob
I wasn't aware this existed. Just joined. By the way, do you do any commercial lines?
For some reason my picture is blurry, when everyone else's is clear. Maybe my wife is right. I don't know my jpeg from my gif.

Anyway, the Insurance Agents site is my newest venture. I am keeping that going because I did get some response from it, moreso that the other site I started two years ago.

Gotta go repent for all my sins tomorrow. See ya Friday.