Web Conferencing Options and Online Selling

I am starting to sell insurance online. I've used internet leads before but always went out to meet in person instead of over the net. I am currently using Vimo for my internet leads. Any suggestions for other internet sources? I've used Netquote and InsureMe in the past and wasn't too pleased. Netquote was alright but had to get through so many bad ones to find a few good ones. Do you agree?

Anyway, back to the conferencing. I'm looking for a service that will allow me to send my clients a link in the followup email I send. If not setting an appt how can I get them to meet me in conference? Are there any techniques you use to get to the lead first? How do you set them at ease about meeting you online? I've looked into yugma.com and yvew.com and also gotomypc.com .... Oh and Iboomerang as well. Any suggestions from the veteran internet sellers. what works best when trying to keep things simple. i'd like to have a link on my website which would allow browsers to connect to me in a conference if they chose too.

Really? This guy told me they filtered for weight by BMI as well as cancer, stroke, heart attack, pregnancy, and no one over 63. So far I have 1 appt and I've received about 6 or 8 leads. Do you recommend another internet company?
Dave Miller has a great conferencing tool. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Can't recall the name of it but maybe he will pop in later and share that information.

The best internet leads are filtered for age, health & currently insured. They will offer an autoresponder as part of their package. The vendor will offer unlimited credit for bum leads and a reasonable policy on returned leads.

There is only one company I know of that does that. Email me for details.

On VIMO's questionnaire, I believe they ask about four or five conditions. So, if you don't reach them by phone (60% of the time or more)...you may be quoting someone incorrectly. That is...they have HBP and you never knew.

I use VIMO but when the lead comes back showing "no conditions,"...it usually is not correct.
I find that many of the leads, regardless of the vendor, come back "clean". Can't say exactly why, but some folks are uneasy about putting PHI on an internet form.

I always get credit when they have RA (like yesterday) even though the lead indicates no pre-ex conditions.
I always use webconferencing with my online clients, it sets you apart from everyone else, that send emails, sending quotes, the service I use and the easiest for Clients without them downloading any software, is GatherPlace Home I have just the $29.95 basic package. I have it set up on my website Miller Insurance Agency all I have to do is have the client go to my Homepage, Click on my Logo at top and this automatically connects them to me, and within seconds they are reviewing my Screen. Really works great, and the Clients are amazed, and this alone, will set you apart from the Competition. A picture is a 1000 Words!!