Website generated med supp leads?


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Anyone have any luck or experience in generating med supp leads through traffic to their website. In other words, a consumer would search in google for state, medicare supplement, quote and whatever and your website would come up and they would enter the basics and you would contact them and so on.

Any comments or experience there?


I have an idea for a community website for Medicare agents. AEP and OEP have been getting in the way a bit, unfortunately.

I've found that wiki style websites get a lot of love from Search Engines. My idea is to put up a wiki website which is run by independent agents. The content would be managed by those agents who decide to participate. I would have a "Find and Agent" link on every page which you could type in a zip code to find a participating agent (closest one). This would display some contact info and a link to the agent's site.

There would need to be some hierarchy whereby those who put the most in get some special placement.

I don't think this would immediately shoot up the Search Engine charts and might never register for a search like "Medicare", but given a wiki's keyword density, link density, etc., it might score well with a search like "Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Benefit" and 100's of other searches like that.

If nothing else, I think it would be a good resource for all things Medicare.

I've reserved for this (nothing there yet). I wanted a name with Medicare in it which also conveyed a trust factor and which is easy to spell and remember.

I'll push my technology guys to put something up soon to get the ball rolling.

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I have a simple website that does pretty well. It is NY Medicare Health Insurance although unless you want to spend a ton of money for optimization services or spend every waking hour of every day trying to do it yourself you are probably better off getting leads from a different source. I used a website at first just so my customers could use it to find forms and also so that I could use it for reference when I was out of the office. It also gives you some added credibility and professionalism. To get a steady supply of leads is a very costly and time consuming project.

That is probably a good approach. Promoting a website is not only time consuming but it also requires an entirely different skill set than that required to sell insurance.

I enjoy working on my sites and do make money doing it. However, I read scores of books, spent untold hours programming and spend fist fulls of dollars before it really became profitable for me.
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