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Hey Guys

sorry i posted this on the agent forum as well -- didnt know this one was here.

what have you heard about wellcare for medicare part d?
I have not heard anything about Wellcare. They do not have a big presence in the Kansas City market.

I usually go to Medicare.gov to see what is available. There are a lot of PDP plans that are almost the same, just difference of premium and maybe a few dollars difference in co-pays.
you can go direct with wellcare, but when I did it this year, you had to take the med adv. classes just to sell the pdp, and MA isn't in my state. Also, unless i overlooked something, had to know the plan names, variations, etc for each plan per state, even if you weren't licensed in that state. most work i've ever done to get a pdp product...

think they had a buy down in NY for MAPD this year of 40-45 bucks, but not too sure since I didn't pay good attention taking the classes