What do you do with a declined health application?

Neither here nor there for me. I haven't seen the plans - if it's junk I won't offer it. And I'll be putting everyone in the MD risk pool who qualifies anyway.

Dear Guru's,

My intent was not to spam you for U.A.'s products. I am pleased that I have another product to throw in the toolbox. In KY we just don't have all the options that you do. Kentucky Access is very restrictive and expensive. So any option at all is a great option for me and the client.

By the way, Tom is a regional sales manager now for U.A. Call or email me if you want his number.

What products do have to offer a decline in KY, IN, OH?
I'm still trying to figure out how capped plans with little or no outpatient coverage is really better for someone with medical problems than these UA scheduled plans. Why wouldn't someone with medical problems use the $200+ per month to finance their pre-existing needs (meds, visits, lab) or use it to pay back a major claim that the capped plan wouldn't cover much of anyway?

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