What information do you require your telemarketers to get?


Just curious what everyones expectations are for their telemarketers and information they require their telemarketers to get? What do you consider a good qualified lead? Does anyone track individual telemarketers effectiveness when it comes to calls vs leads? Or do you only care that they are generating good leads?
Primary name
Ages of everyone who will be insured
any health ailments
phone number

If I get that info, it's a good qualified lead. Obviously, they can't have any major health issues.

All I care is that I get enough people who are interested to talk to. If I get that, my telemarketer is doing a good job.
Another question I had. When your telemarketer gets a lead and forwards it to you do you require that they set specific time for you to call back the person? If they don't it can become a nice game of phone tag.....
For me it's easier to not do that.... though I have tried having the telemarketer ask if morning or afternoon is better. The thing is, it doesn't matter if you set up a time to call them, or get a time that's better to call them at, you still have to catch them at a time when they can talk. We all know that for business owners, we never know when we have time to talk!

My process is:

I call the lead and if I get them on the phone, I introduce myself, and let them know that I'm calling to verify their information so I can put together some options for them. I also try and find out as much info about their current plan as I can. If they are uninsured, I try and find out what they are looking for in a plan... "When is the last time you had health insurance? When you had that plan, what things did you like about it? What things did you not like?"

Once I gather all the info, I let them know that I'd like to set up a time to go over some options with them, and I ask them to set up an appointment with me on the phone where we can spend 15-20 minutes or so together going over everything.

I don't think setting appointments to call your leads initially is a good idea because I think it would be tough to schedule your day that way. You may end up being on the phone longer with one client than another, so how do you schedule those appointments? It's much easier to schedule the appointment after you have talked to them yourself... and you know more about the situation and can better schedule your time.

That's just my 2 cents. Hope it helps! :)