What is your sales process?

In the end, we all sell a product. That's what provides us an income. However, there are many of us who never "ask" for the sale. We educate the prospect, answer questions and then they tell us what they want. Sure, there are times where we may assume the close by transitioning into taking an application, but we are not high pressure, close it today people.

I view myself as a problem solver. People come to me with a problem and I present a solution. If it makes a person feel better to call me a salesman, that's fine.
OP- Does your existing sales process work for you? If so, why change? I would not make assumption what prospect knows and doesn't know, I would not presume what client would want- MA/MS. Most of us take the time to walk our clients through the Medicare process, soup to nuts, assist along the way with such items as Form L564, IRMAA, etc. We fully educate our clients, so at the end of the day, they decide on the plan, it isn't us telling them what they should buy. Each step is important to the client and is an important piece in making the sale. At the end of the day, as sman stated, we never ask for the sale. It is a natural progression. We have assisted every step of the way, and the sale is merely the final step.
Of course, that is the way it is for the vast majority of us; some of us do not have a sales process and some of us don't sell a product.