What service do you expect from the insurance company?


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Hello, everyone! I am new to the forum.

I am doing a research for insurance companies on how to improve service to better help insurance agents/brokers sell their products. The service could be in terms of marketing material, trainings on products and illustration software, etc.

As an insurance agent/broker, please share what is on your mind. Thanks!
Allow agents to bypass the FMO system would be the #1 thing a company could do to help us.

These FMOs receive an override for doing nothing and then can hold us hostage if we want to move to another marketing organization. Most do nothing more than point us to company websites.


Thanks for the response! Can you point me to where I can get more information on FMO? I would like to understand it better and see how I can address that in my research. Thanks!
I'm a captive agent for a pretty good company. Despite this, I have a couple of complaints. The company is split into two different divisions (well, at least two). One division has products that the other division doesn't have, and vice versa.

For instance, if I want to sell a deferred annuity, I can do it easily. If I want to sell an immediate annuity, I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to access the other division's applications and underwriting department.