what would be appropriate life ins. for a sixty-seven yr old?



My friend's father is 67 yr old and wants life insurance. He isn't qualify for term because he is over 65. I don't think Universial is right because he wouldn't accumulate much on the guaranteed interest because of his age also it is too expensive. First she wants a 250k for her father then I told her it will be around 1700/month. Then I ran the numbers for 100k, it was still expensive. Next I tried Premiere Whole Life for 100k, it was around 300/month. Is there a better life policy for 100k?
If you had foresters you could get term for up to 80 year olds, 250k 15 yrs is about 500 a month if he gets through standard non tobacco.

In the ul version the 250k is $467 minimum and $1003 for secondary guarantee. My suggestion look at other companies. Again these are standard non tobacco rates.