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A client of mine has his mother call me with a health insurance conundrum. She lives in New York City (Bronx).

64 years old, will be 65 and goin' on Medicare in August. COBRA from old employer ran out 2/29/08. Good health, height/weight OK, just meds for HBP, with it well-controlled. Did the routine check up thing including mammogram with doc before COBRA expiry. All OK.

Without any kind of short-term medical available for NY, she is forced to buy a full-blown deal for $475 a month which really squeezes her budget- wise.

So here's the question...

Hold your breath and go naked for 4.5 months - or pay the $475 a month?
If I was in good health I'd take the risk for 4 months.

There is no STM sold in New York? I didn't know that.

Pay the premium, my guess is at age 64 she has a lot to lose.
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"I guess we can't know the correct answer in advance..."

If we ever knew the correct answer in advance people wouldn't need to buy insurance till the day before.. no? ;)

That's our main job, providing the correct answer for an uncertain situation.