When on LinkedIn and was solicited by Lead Latchers


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Lead Lead Leads … Blah Blah Blah. I’ve spent thousands on Fb, social media, and web design with little to no success.
The latest I’ve discovered is Lead Latchers. Has anybody had any experience with them? If so, how did it go?
Here's my experience:
I found out about Lead Latchers when a representative of theirs reached out to me on LinkedIn. We set up a time to speak and it sounded like a great opportunity to increase sales in my specific area of insurance, especially as there was a money back guarantee if you don't make $10,000 in premiums using their system. From his description, it sounded easy and straightforward. In hindsight, it clearly was not. I should have brought the 17 page contract to an attorney, as the jargon and fine print make the requirements to receive a refund very difficult to understand. I signed up and went through the training process. The customer service team was courteous and friendly, and other than a slight delay in them getting the Facebook ads up and running, my Lead Latchers experience started on a promising note.
Unfortunately, the system and ads generated a few phone calls with potential leads, but nothing actualized to any customers. I reached out to the team to try some tweaks, but it didn't result in anything else. After investing time, effort and nearly $5,000 into the system (including service charges, paying for the CRM and Facebook ads), I filled out the lengthy cancellation form to request a refund. The Lead Latchers escalation manager emailed me that "Unfortunately, you do not qualify for a refund because you did not meet the guarantee requirements. You did not give our system the opportunity to help you close deals or increase your online visibility by 80 percent. In other words, we cannot guarantee a closing if you do not fulfill the guarantee requirements."
When I requested a phone call to discuss this further, the manager refused to do so. What made matters even more frustrating was that they refused to stop charging my card unless I signed an NDA, which I wasn't willing to do under the circumstances. After getting nowhere through numerous email attempts, I contacted my credit card company to ask that they decline charges from the company from the time I submitted the cancellation form and decided to share my frustrating experiences with others so they can understand the challenges of getting approved for a refund if they don't see results from the system.
Thanks for spending some time with your response. I will keep this information under consideration.

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