Which Multi-carrier Rater to use?


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I recently talked to Ezlynx and PL Rater and while both will do most of what I want, neither will do everything (including import/export as I would like with my CRM natively). I'm leaning slightly towards EZ

I'm seeking advice on what experiences others may have had in making this choice. One thing I should mention, is whatever solution I go with, it must (and non negotiable) include the ability to get rates from Main Street America, a key carrier of ours, which has limited the field of potential raters.

Also, I'm being quoted at full retail price for both, and it would be great to learn of a way to find some discount (other than maybe joining a cluster). Thanks in advance
I spent a TON of time analyzing the rater options three years ago and I chose one and its OK. But in California right now it is 100% useless...

So if the wave that is overtaking this state heads your way - I would not expect much value from it.

All the raters are poor - IMO. Make sure you test and see how they work with Acord Apps. I know Acords are old school - but they work across platforms and secondary insurance options. Plus for some insurers - its the best application [perhaps the only one] to have the clients sign.

For the discout, talk with your Cluster or an Independent Agency Group.

Best of Luck
Thanks and I'm hoping the CA wave doesn't spill out to others.....LOL

The cost of these products is pretty high, and it seems like when a competitor comes along, it gets bought out, leaving options rather narrow.
All the raters are poor - IMO.
I fully agree. Probably the weakest part of our industry is the software. Nothing seems to communicate or integrate well, even when they are from the same family. Years ago we used a full suite of Quick Quote products, both before and after they were bought out. It wouldn't bridge from the CRM to the rater, and would barely bridge from the rater to the CRM (just name and mailing address, no DOB, DL or property address). Now we use a mish-mash, and each piece does its job, but they still don't integrate.
I switched to EZLynx rater and management system last year. I switched to EZLynx because once you enter the info for a quote that info is in the management system. I got a discount but can't remember why. The rep I used voluntarily gave a discount when I asked for it. EZLynx is not perfect but it was the best option for my agency.
Whatever you do not entertain Zywave/Turborater. They will sign you up and shake you down for more every year. It's also primarily for non-standard auto type agencies. Very poor customer service on top of everything else