Which Multi-carrier Rater to use?

Whatever you do not entertain Zywave/Turborater. They will sign you up and shake you down for more every year. It's also primarily for non-standard auto type agencies. Very poor customer service on top of everything else
Yeah, but they're in Wisconsin. Maybe he'll get a hometown discount.
I hate comparative raters. I do better just knowing what market will be most likely to write the business. When you use a rater you still have to login to the quote and answer more questions and it might not even be eligible.
I use EZ however just keep in mind the quote indications given are never accurate. Its a great time saver in the bridging aspect ; to see what carrier is wanting to write the risk and of course at renewal time to remarket in a breeze.
EzLynx really B.S.ed me on all their features. Im about to just put a stop payment on it. What is the worst that can happen? If they take me to court in my county they will not win.
I use PL Rating by Vertifore with their AMS QQCatalyst. It does everything I need and the QQC has
so many great features I haven't had the time to learn yet. Because I got it just months prior to Aug. 2023, aka The perferct 'effing storm.