Who are the major players this year?


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I've only seen plan designs with Aetna, Cigna & Coventry thus far. I'm assuming Pyramid (Todays' Options) will remain much the same. Not sure if Humana will make any changes either. Looking forward to seeing the AARP plans to see how competitive they will be.

Anyone have plan designs on these and other carriers? I know each state is different, but I'd be interested in seeing what else is available if anyone has product designs for other carriers.
Humana looks like its going to be a monster this year also evercare (S.H.) looks to be unbeatable
Isn't Evercare the Special Needs plan that has a hearing aid benefit?
Unfortunately, they are not currently in any of the eight counties near me. Can you believe my "luck"?
All depends where you live.

Humana is big in some parts of the country, and almost non existent in others.

Also, the number of plans differs. In KC, Coventry has one plan they push. In the St. Louis market they have 8.

Medicare should have the new 2008 info on their site by the 15th of October. The info is released to the public on Oct 1st, but by the time CMS has their site updated it is the 15th.
Humana looks like its going to be a monster this year also evercare (S.H.) looks to be unbeatable

Humana looks to be a monster flop. They like to give value added benefits but their plans can cost seniors plenty. $550 per hospital addmission and $5000 MOOP. If you pay a premium you have to pay $180 a day and you get I believe only a $3000 MOOP. woo hoo!!:D

I am not a fan of the Humana plans and will help every member I know on Humana to find a new plan.;)

Today's Options I believe will change a little for hospital, $195 per addmission and a MOOP of $2500. That is for the MA only so you need a rx plan so a senior may have to pay around $20 or so a month but a lot less chance of out of pocket expenses.

These numbers are for the 0 premium counties I work in NW AR and are subject to CMS approval of course.

I will know more on the 26th as I am sure a lot of others will be getting information soon from their FMO's. Here is a note from mine about things coming in 08.

For 2008:
Commission from $300-$400 per enrollment
Rebate product gives your client back $10-$50 per month!
Special Needs Plan for Osteoporosis (Humana-Not impressed from what I have heard-this is my comment)
Commission increases
MA Product with zero premium, $1000 benefit for dental services, personal care benefit, $3500 MOOP and only $100 hospital co-pay for five days!(This maybe Wellcare-Just my guess -probably wrong)

My biggest problem is how to find the time to do everything CMS wants us to do with compliance and get applications completed in the worst time of the year for seniors as far as meeting with them. 45 whole days during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday's!! My goal is to sell 200+ in that time and then hopfully 100 during OEP and then concentrating on the SNP's for after the main selling season.

CIP which has been a great plan this year, I have heard that their benefits may not be near as good for 08. I think that Coventry may be the plan to go with for next year. :yes:Or so I have heard.:skeptical:

Can't wait to see the official benefits on October 1st(CMS will be late I am sure of-they were 6 days late last year I believe)
But anyway, looking forward to working my butt off the rest of the year.

I can provide Today's Options MA for agents licensed and certified to sell in all 50 states. I only have MAPD for TN, MO, LA,IA, and NE. I can also provide interested agents/brokers with a no cost Pharmacy lead program in the PD states. Work in up to 5 Pharmacies 3 hours a day. Its good apy for 15 hours a week. If your re-certified, licensed, and interested; drop me an email and I will get back to you.

First post and you're already looking to solicit agents? Thanks for contributing to the forum first.

By the way, since anyone who is certified is already appointed, how would they transfer to your office? Also, are you the FMO? If so, will you give anyone interested a letter guaranteeing a release upon request?

Todays Options looks like a strong program for the MA client.

They even have chronic conditions or Constant Care (which they can't explain) and a beauty in their eldercare (which I got a great explanation on).

I think they will have 8 programs avail for '08 season....

UHC is crazy with all those different packets for different counties. In Atlanta we have many counties, and I find it a bit much. Trying to decide which one i need to stick with....

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