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Will All Seniors Eventually Have No Choice but Medicare Advantage?

I have around 700 clients on Medigap plans . . . even those who cannot qualify medically for a new plan will hang on to their existing plan. It happens all the time.


Because changing to MA is a disruption and will cost them more to change vs what they pay to keep their Medigap policy.
Yes I have. I’ve sold Medicare supplements for over 20 years. I’ve seen this. Thats why I bring it up.
In that case you might be able to count on one hand the number of clients that have put off medical treatment over a $240 deductible (2024)

And I can assure you more went into their decision to postpone than $240.
After seeing what my parents have had to go through on mapd plans, don't even bring up the option"

Quote from T65 prospect call yesterday.

Odd how many agents that primarily sell MA and allegedly have thousands of policyholders never hear these kind of comments.

You and I run into people with the same story and have personal horror stories to tell about F&F who have bad experiences.
I have around 700 clients on MAPD. I switch about 20-30 beneficiaries with supplements a year. And none have asked to be switched back.


Because all of their doctors were in network with the MAPD they chose (Usually Viva or BCBS), their Rx costs were less, and they could drop their dental and vision. So the ability to go to the Mayo Clinic wasn't worth the $2,500 a year they were paying for that privilege.
Stop and think about it. Your vlients that are basically healthy would have no reason to switch. They would be very happy withe extras they get from their MA. It would vonly be the minority of clents that are seriously ill that have problems with PAsor getting to see a specialist that is not on network that would want to go back to OM and for many of them it would not be possible. If you have never had a client in that category, you are very fortunate.
Alabama is healthiest state in nation.

Mapd provider contracts never have expiration dates.

I thought I had every tool in the shed until I met Bama rama
Problem with supplements is two-fold. The rates go up and up and up. I've had several clients drop their med-supps and PDP's and switch to MAPD's in the last few months for that reason. These are people in their 80's and not in great health.

The 2nd part is an agent issue. After 6-10 years no more commission.