WOW! This is so cool.

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I have been talking to one of the guys who programs for me about adding this to "Your Insurance Office". Now you won't even have to get a copy of YIO to have it. (Just a little "plug" for YIO. lol)

This is a free download that will ad a sticky to your screen. You can even send one to another person, anywhere, if you are both using the program and you have her/his IP address.

The guy who developed this has all kinds of free programs. His website is a "must" go to.

To get your free copy of "Stickit" (not what it sounds like, lol) go to:

He even has a forum about his programs.
Anyone running Windows who would download ANY freeware, shareware, or demo application from an unknown or untrusted source deserves all the spayware and adware their computer can hold.

The marketplace dictates the better product. MACs are and will always be second place. I personally have never had a MAC. Two family members and a close friend bought MACS - all three said they were severly lacking and all went back to PCs. You don't see PC commercials busting on MACs - they don't have to. Although I greatly enjoy those MAC vs PC commercials I find it sad that MACs will simply never catch up do to their horrible inflexiblity. That close friend who bought a MAC is my buddy who owns his own Pepperidge Farm franchise. I polled him over a year ago and his advice was absolutely stay away from MACs if you're trying to run a business. They're for kids to play movies and music apparantely.

I do note across the internet community that MAC fans have some cult-like mentality when it comes to them. Eerie.
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Anyone running Windows who would download ANY freeware, shareware, or demo application from an unknown or untrusted source deserves all the spayware and adware their computer can hold.


Al, go to his website and look in the forum.

I'm not a computer genius like you but I didn't just fall off the turnip truck either. I did check it out first.

There are a lot of people on the forum who are a lot smarter about such things than anyone I know, who have nothing but praise for his program.

How many programs do you know of, like the ones you are warning everyone about, that have their own discussion board? Don't you think that if it what you are warning everyone about was a possibility that information regarding that would appear in the forum?

I'm sure you were just trying to be helpful by making a general statement without first checking it out. In general, your concern is one that everyone should heed.

This is a pretty lame utility. Not bad for what it does, but it doesn't do a whole lot. You better be running a whole suite of anti-virus and anti-spyware software if you are going to be downloading stuff like this off the net, especially freeware.

I run a Mac so it's not an issue.


Honestly, I think it's funny how Mac users brag about not having to worry about syware, viruses, etc. If I'm going to write a virus I want it to cause problems to as many users as possible. It is not that Macs are superior, it's actually their lack of marketshare penetration that prevents viruses and other malware from being written for them.
True. If I'm a jewel thief I'm not gonna target a double-wide trailer. I'm going after the 10 million houses. Then you can write all the articles in the world about the flaws in secruity for that 10 million house. I dout trailer owners have too much to worry about with jewel thieves. Again, I have never had a MAC and cannot comment personally. I do think all the pretty colors they come in are pretty neat though. I'm sure MAC is thoroughly embarrassed about the lack of marketshare - hense the incredible smear campaign. I have tried to do independent research. Most of the unbiased articles I read state that for flexibility and business applications to stick to PCs - for "fun" get a MAC.

The guy who builds my computers had two, three year old Mac's sitting in his place of business. I asked how much he wanted for them and he said $100 each. I asked him why they were so cheap, he said that he can't get rid of them. I bought them both and gave them to our cleaning lady's kids, they didn't have computers. Hope that wasn't a mistake.

You are right, they do have "pretty colors". However, Jacqueline said they would clash with the color scheme in my office.

I'm going to continue to use "Stickit", I love it. See, my computer is still running! Who'd a thunk it.