Ya Gotta Love Referrals


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Just got off the phone with a woman. "I heard you might be able to help me with health insurance..."

She's kicked off SSI (inherited some money) as of 10/1. 5'3", 180# smoker. High blood pressure and pain meds for a hip replacement. Some unknown problem with her insides that has her doubled over in pain. Tests, but no diagosis for it yet.

Whaddaya think? Preferred?
Preferred, yes.

You would have PREFERRED she call someone else . . .

As for her premium, somewhere north of what she is paying now.
I love those conversations as well.

I get the people on disability waiting for Medicare to kick in after 2 years, but the always seem to have 1 year to go. I cannot get coverage, what if I get sick, what if I have an accident...

The question that shoots them down time and time again (and I use it cautiously) is:

What are you doing to stay healthy? They put down the double stuffed Oreo and 99oz Coke and look at you with this blank stare. Kodak moment!
The more beligerent they are, the more they have to hide.

The woman who told me that she could guarantee the insurance company
that her Osteo is under control, and won't get worse before she is 65...
"Why can't they cover that?"

The man who takes Cumadin and Metformin
Who tells me he is going to stop taking the meds
Then, he believes, he will be insurable in two years

The man who told me he was diagnosed with Diabetes three years ago
His doctor told him last month he no longer has Diabetes
When I asked to see it in writing, he said "It was a casual conversation."

The woman who got upset with me when I asked if she had had any
surgeries in the past 5 yrs.
Her response was, "What business is it of theirs if I've had surgery in
the past?"

Any others?
I had a guy declined for health once, turned out, he felt it wasnt very important to inform me of his heart transplant and like 12 medications he was taking......

oh ya, the transplant was only 14 months previous.

Is it rude to just hang up on people? LOL
I spoke with a lady yesterday who's husband was in great health, and doesn't smoke...That was until he quit last friday, as he went into the hospital and had a stent placement...Gotta love the clueless idiots out there