Yet Another Lead Company Waste of Money


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I worked captive for a short while, as I have stated many times before, and my broker provided me with decent leads. I never knew the name of the lead company, so I've been on the hunt for one ever since I left in November of last year. I've read all the arguments pro and against buying tele-marketed leads (mostly against), but I'm a newbie and I just feel like I don't have the skills to do my own telemarketing just yet.

Anyway, while trying to settle on a decent lead company I've tried two companies--one recommended on this website and the other one was recommended by an online agency that I was contracted through. One has been mediocre to lousy and the other one has been...well I don't know. They have just stopped returning my calls and responding to my e-mails.

Mitchell & Associates is twice as expensive as the other one, but I thought I would give them a shot to maximize my investment (more expensive doesn't always mean better apparently). They have an hourly fee that guarantees at least two per hour. I had a ten hour campaign with them that should have ended last week. I've gotten 7 leads, and one of those 7 was for the senior market. I've tried to get a call back telling me what's going on, and when I can expect a call from someone with a clue, but all my conversations have been with the receptionist. He remembers me (I've called every day this week) and keeps assuring me that Ron Hocking (he's the owner) knows he's supposed to call me back, but so far...nothing.

Stay away from them. They are based in California.


I did find out the name of the decent lead company and I have an order in with them, but since I paid for this lead campaign, I need to either be financially reimbursed or provided with my freakin' leads!
I've read all the arguments pro and against buying tele-marketed leads (mostly against), but I'm a newbie and I just feel like I don't have the skills to do my own telemarketing just yet.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The best way to build the skill set is to suck it up, find a list, and start callin' it!

At the very least, you'll get reps on talking with people.

It takes either money or time. Right now I would guess you've more of the latter...
I actually had pretty good luck with Quotes Auction in California. I just started with them on Tuesday. They have a follow-up program that really works well. I have 2 apps out which is amazing compared to Netquote....what a difference.
So here are the exact numbers:
Purchased 5 leads per day @ $13 = 65
Total is 15 leads since Tuesday 65 * 3 = 195.00 invested
1st deal was a small one 395 Annual Premium
2nd was a nice one 1230 Annual Premium

Total Invested 195.00
Possibly recovery 1625
since they are life never know till it is placed

I'd say thats a good start to my week.

Also changed my approach listened to Ari Galpers stuff that seemed to help also.
Yeah, I saw that but they do seem to do well here in California. You never know til you try and I am more than happy!
Only drawback is you do have to front the money!
I think they have a few options:

Q. Do you provide flexible billing options?
A. Yes. We offer the following billing options:
  1. The Pre-payment option, qualifies you for a promotional offer of free leads with a new account activation, which requires the use of a credit/debit card, or a checking account with an automatic recharge authorization upon balance depletion.
  2. The "Pay-as-you-go" option requires checking/savings account information with a pre-authorized ACH billing on the 1st and 16th of each month for the leads sent out to you during the preceding 15 day billing period.
  3. Invoicing with up to 30 days net payments is also available for large volume accounts and may require the approval of a credit application.
  4. The honor system, as we call it. You authorize us to deduct $250 from your checking account at any time (up to 4x per month). We will provide exclusive leads to you for your zip code. You can expect anywhere from 2-200 leads per month. We decide how many you get based on the number of leads you return. If you ask for too many credits, we'll stop sending you leads, but still charge you up to $1000 per month. So, it pays not to piss us off by returning too may leads.

Obviously...number four was slightly fictitious.