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The Basics of Selling Group Health Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

One agent came to the forum to learn more about selling group health insurance.  After selling term life for a few years, the agent wanted to learn to sell health policies in the group and individual categories.

Agents recommended starting with online continuing education classes, to learn the basics and gain license renewal credits.  Also, attending carrier roadshows where they promote product lines was a frequently-suggested method for getting up to speed on the required knowledge.   Other agents suggested meeting with the sales reps of the carriers that are competitive in the group market.  This would give a crash course on the products and how to submit a case.  Having connections formed through previous life insurance sales is a good bargaining chip to offer these sales reps, in exchange for their help.

Most agents also recommended at GA, to make sure that the agent’s group is in compliance, and to help with admin work and rollouts.  The agent said, “It’s a good way to start learning the business for a FREE mentor that wants to close the sale as badly as you do.”  Check out more of their advice here.



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