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The Effectiveness of Marketing Your Insurance Practice on Facebook

Insurance Forums Staff

These days, a lot of weight is placed on social media marketing.  From Twitter to Facebook to domain names and analytics, modern business seems to require a serious amount of investment and cultivation in the social media realm.  But how useful is it?   Our agents shared their success stories and experiences around Facebook in the industry.

One industry representative, who manages the Facebook page for an insurance ratings bureau, noted that Facebook has been useful in getting out company messages and driving traffic to the bureau’s blog.  Also, user engagement and effective customer services comes frequently in the form of responding to questions via the company’s Facebook page.

One major drawback of Facebook is it’s temporary nature.  Each month that goes by seems to bring new algorithms, different privacy policies, and even layout changes, rendering the platform frustrating and unknowable.  One agent noted that brand pages who do not pay for ads get drowned out by those pages that do pay.  He said, “We’re reconsidering whether or not it is worth the time investment.”

Does Facebook work for you or your agency?  Tell us here.  



1 thought on “The Effectiveness of Marketing Your Insurance Practice on Facebook”

  1. I’m just starting out looking into the fb approach. There is an agency that set s and sells original copy and posts for $150 per month $500-$1000 initial. Too rich for my blood, but they claim to stay on top off Facebook algorithm

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