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Income allocation challenges traditional retirement strategies

Brian Anderson

SUWANEE, Ga. – Created by original 3-Mentors co-founder and financial professional David Gaylor, Income Allocation represents a new primary wealth preservation and distribution strategy for retirees and pre-retirees with the potential to generate a client’s anticipated income needs in retirement, without requiring their entire portfolio to do so.

Not only can Income Allocation help reduce the financial stress from retirement, it can potentially secure a regular, reliable income — regardless of how financial markets perform or how long the retirement lasts.

Agents who have read Gaylor’s book, “Income Allocation: Enhance Your Retirement Security,” and put its principles into play rave about the results. Brian W. from Austin, Texas writes, “As a retirement planning tool, Income Allocation is as simple as it gets. David’s book easily put everything into proper perspective. After that, the strategy sells itself. This simplistic way of showing prospects how to solve their retirement income needs is amazing. It streamlines the process and turns prospects into clients. That’s because they quickly find peace in knowing they can actually make their money last the rest of their lives. After implementing the Income Allocation software for three weeks, I created custom income solutions for several of my clients that improved their financial well-being almost instantly.”

To maximize the effectiveness of Income Allocation, Gaylor has created a resource package to accompany the book that includes an accompanying software program and free training. Income Allocation University is a no-obligation live event that trains agents in the various aspects that make the book so valuable. Some of the aspects taught at the live event include:

  • Familiar draw-down formulas — such as the 4% Rule — are so flawed that even their creators won’t use them today
  • Social Security alone may not be adequate to support a desired lifestyle
  • Traditional pensions are becoming less common and might not even be an option
  • Investment interest and dividend often struggle to provide enough income in low-yield times
  • Income Allocation is fast becoming the go-to solution for many financial professionals


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